“Little Ambassadors” Offered Overflow Rooms for the Ambassador Hotel
The buildings at 435 and 441 Knickerbocker are referred to by neighborhood r
little ambassador
esidents as the “Little Ambassadors” or the “Little Knickerbockers.” Actually, they are called Ambassador A and Ambassador B, according to the nomination form that led to their inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. Kansas City architect Nelle Peters designed the Ambassador Hotel at 3600 Broadway for Barney Goodman and Charles Phillips. Peters also designed the Ambassador A and B in 1924 to accommodate overflow from the big hotel and provide additional income.

The Little Ambassadors were remodeled in the 1950’s and most of the original decor was removed. They were turned into studio apartments. In recent years, the buildings have deteriorated and have invited criminal activity. In 2011, the City of Kansas City declared the two properties to be dangerous buildings and Kansas City Life has notified us that they intend to demolish the buildings in the next few weeks.

Kansas City Life has purchased the “Little Ambassadors” and notified Valentine it intends to demolish the buildings in early 2012.