Kansas City Life proposes demolition: get details at the Nov. 13 meeting
Kansas City Life has told the Valentine board that it is considering demolishing nine buildings in Valentine. According to KC Life’s Greg Galvin, the homes all are vacant and cannot be rehabilitated. He said the company would abate asbestos, remove the foundations and seed the lots. In addition, Galvin said KC Life is in the early stages of discussing potential redevelopment plans for the property it owns. We’ll share what the board has learned and ask for neighborhood feedback at the Nov. 13 meeting.

The nine buildings are located at 3421 Summit, 3313 Jefferson, 603 W. 34
th, 617 W. 34th, 3406 Pennsylvania, 3500 Pennsylvania, 709 W. 35th, 711 W. 35th, and 715 W. 35th.

Rezoning Moves Forward

RezoningMap 2April 2012
The Valentine Neighborhood Association has asked the city to rezone an area north of Valentine Road (see map to right) from District R-5 to District R-6. The intention is to preserve the single-family nature of the area.

Residents approved funding for the rezoning application and the city Planning Commission has scheduled a hearing for May 15. Kansas City Life is asking for expanded business zoning between 33
rd and 34th Street at a later date. If you would like to attend the hearing, please contact Jim Martin for details. Read the city staff report on rezoning.

St. Luke’s to build hospice on Cresthaven grounds
April 2012
Saint Luke’s Hospice will begin demolition of existing property on the west side of Southwest Trafficway between 35th and 37th Streets in mid-February. The site, formerly the Cresthaven Nursing Home, has been vacant for more than 20 years. St. Luke’s will construct a free-standing hospice facility. A groundbreaking ceremony is planned this spring. The facility is scheduled to open in summer 2013.

The $7 million project has received $3.5 million in funding from philanthropic donors. St Luke’s says the facility will include 12 family suites with room to expand to 18. A full-service kitchen, two chapels, common living rooms, and patios for family use are also part of the project.

Norman School Does Not Win Tax Credits
April 2012
We reported in the February newsletter that developer Sherman Associates hoped to win tax credits from the State of Missouri to help it rehab the Norman School at 3514 Summit. Several VNA residents attended a public hearing and urged the state to award the credits to Sherman. However, the process of getting tax credits is very competitive and Sherman did not win this round. The future of the school is unclear at this time.

Rockfest Coming Back
April 2012
Rockfest, reported to be the largest rock festival in the United States, is once again scheduled for Penn Valley Park. This year the festival takes place on May 12. The festival organizers have been working with surrounding neighborhoods in advance of the event. After complaints in the past about trash and disorderly conduct in the neighborhoods around the park, the festival says it has a 16 person crew which will dedicate 256 hours to cleanup. They will also have off-duty police offers patrolling both the festival site and surrounding neighborhoods. If you have issues during the festival contact Mike Lowe at 816-283-9998.
Rockfest community information.

Remembering Charlotte and Dick Hill
Jan. 2011
One of the quiet voices of Valentine, Charlotte Hill, passed away in early January at the age of 90. She is fondly remembered by her neighbors on Jefferson Street for her kindness to her fellow neighbors: preparing meals for neighbors when they were ill, transporting those in need of transportation to the doctor, crocheting baby blankets, baking a pie to give to a new neighbor, and so much more.

Charlotte was preceded in death by her husband, Dick, who in the early days of the Valentine Garage Sales (then a major mid-town annual event) helped build a gazebo where food was sold to benefit Valentine. After Charlotte retired from teaching school in the Raytown and Blue Springs districts, she and Dick served as Red Cross volunteers, attending to many disaster reliefs.

Most of all, we will miss Charlotte as one of those bystanders along the path of the 4
th if July parade. She was a faithful spectator….wearing either the red or the blue version of the original Valentine t-shirt from 20 some years ago.

Another Happy Holiday in Valentine
Jan. 2011
The Valentine Holiday Party at Bob and Mike’s was outstanding. For those of you who have never attended, you are missing an artistic, delicious, visual banquet. The tradition at their house is to have out for us to enjoy their special Christmas trees (yes…not one but many). Who can forget the tree with the hundreds of feathered bird ornaments! Thank you Bob and Mike for
the tradition you keep going for us and for your true hospitality! And we also thank you for organizing the luminaria again this year and we thank the many volunteers who came out in the bitter cold to prepare and place the individual luminaria.

Score One for the Valentine Block Watch

Last month, we were alerted by the Kansas City Police Department to be on the lookout for a thief who was targeting homes in Valentine. The thief was described as a taller white male riding a bicycle and wearing a bandanna. We were asked to call 911 immediately if we saw the guy. Two days later this thief was spotted in Valentine.
Around noon on Saturday July 24th, block watch captain Ed Larson saw someone who looked suspicious walking through his neighbor’s backyard. He then heard glass break and immediately called the police.  The perpetrator broke in through a basement window and proceeded to break window/doors up to the second floor.  He had a backpack and sought out items like cameras that he could fit in the backpack. The police immediately dispatched their helicopter and apparently, the burglar heard it and quickly left the house. He snuck through a few back yards and then walked out on to the sidewalk. 

The police then arrived and were talking to Ed when they noticed someone walking down the street with a black backpack. Officer Crawford and her partner stopped the man for questioning and he turned out to be the robber. Ed says he was extremely impressed with the fast decisions that Officer Crawford made to question the man , which lead to his capture. He was also impressed with Detective Estes who came to take statements from neighbors.

The thief did, indeed, leave a bicycle leaning against the porch of the house he robbed. All of the stolen items were recovered and the home owners had no damage except for broken windows. Best of all, the suspect has been linked to other robberies and will be going to court this month. Since he’s out on probation for a previous robbery, he may be going back to jail.

This story proves that our block watch and our partnership with the Kansas City Police Department really work. Visit our block watch pages to learn more or get involved in fighting crime in Valentine.

Another Successful 4th of July

“Uncle Sam” Magaha with City Councilwoman and mayoral candidate Deb Herman and State Senator and candidate Jolie Justice.

The Valentine Neighborhood had another great 4
th of July parade this year, with all kinds of kids, dogs and local dignitaries showing up for the festivities. Thanks to the Utz family for hosting the picnic and to everyone who brought a side dish and made the day a fine celebration of our neighborhood.

Meeting about Hospice on SW Trafficway
June, 2010
St. Luke's Hospice has proposed to build a freestanding hospice facility at the site of the former Cresthaven nursing home on Southwest Trafficway. This site, just across from the Norman School, is in both the Roanoke and Coleman Highland neighborhoods. Kansas City Life currently owns the property. The developer met with the neighborhoods (Coleman Highlands, Roanoke and Valentine) on June 1 to explain the project. If the project moves forward, St. Luke’s will be asking Valentine to approve changes to the zoning ordinance. Before that, Roanoke and Coleman, which have laws restricting land use to single family, may have to approve changes to their neighborhood plans.
See more
information from St. Luke’s

2010 Love Awards: Jackie and Craig
Feb. 2010
At our February Valentine's Party, VNA Vice President Jim Martin gave the 2010 Love Award to Craig Gibbs.  Craig and Jackie Freeland were honored with the Love Award for their commitment to the neighborhood. These two Washington Street residents helped gather signatures to stop the Shell Station on Broadway from getting a liquor license. They are also block watch captains and always helping out their neighbors by shoveling snow, cleaning up trash and whatever else needs to be done